Our principles

This project was born in Spain in 2011 and now we are expanding our professional services to Australia. Our goal is to guide and support organisational transformation journeys through Agile and Lean Coaching and Training. This project is based on two basic and key principles:

What You Need and What I Need (WynWin), what gives us to this project, means the fundamental necessity to create sustainable professional relationships as equals. We want to be part of your business, grow when you grow up and win when you win (Win-Win).

What You Need Is What you Get (WyniwyG) is the evidence of our vocation of service and the orientation to delivering value and positive results. We propose pragmatism and coherence over many other factors.

our services

Our partners

Current partners that nowadays reinforce our capabilities and offering in different areas…




…and former partners, organisations, clients and friends without whom we weren’t who we are and where we are right now. Thank you All!

Credit: Our services icons are made by Eucalyp and licensed by CC 3.0 BY