Pay per Value

7 months so far into my current professional engagement. 7 months that came along with 7 contracts. 7 extensions. 7 opportunities for me and my client to agree to continue or not our collaboration to improve the organisation.

Yes, it’s just a basic implementation of an agile contract but for me has been quite a challenging experience. It was easy working this way when I was working with start-ups in Barcelona. It was a natural approach for me and for them. And when I was not required anymore I just stayed in my city, with my family and friends and normally a new engagement would pop up pretty quickly. But now with the responsibility of being profitable and keeping my 457 visa it’s hard putting myself on the spot every few weeks.

Anyway, applying to myself what I explain my clients it’s one of my key principles so here I came up with this basic Win-Win-Lose-Lose contract, designed to make sure I’m always putting the collaboration with my client before the contract itself. It’s really a pretty simple 1-page contract based on these principles:

Short cycles (Scrum based). We plan our next priorities every month. Quick daily catch ups for tracking and pivot purposes. Review achievements at the end of the month and retrospect on our working process to decide what to improve.

Results driven approach. I’ll not be always able to achieve all of the expected goals. And other times, I’ll deliver more than expected. Based on this we can agree to adjust the monthly invoice +/-20%.

Freedom. At any moment the client can finish the collaboration with just 2 weeks’ notice.

Now we are moving into a 2 month extension basis and hopefully on February it will become a ’till End of 2019′ agreement. It doesn’t mean the model is not valid anymore. We’ll keep reviewing our agreement on a monthly basis iterations to make sure I’m still valuable and they are still willing to go deeper into the rabbit hole. One reason is to avoid the unnecessary paperwork overhead. Also cause my client keeps the authority to finish the engagement just with a 2 weeks’ notice. But the reason is mainly that we’ve been collaborating and knowing each other for long enough time for them to confirm I’m the right person to support their journey (even sometimes I’m not sure) and for me to confirm they have true appetite to challenge the status quo and change profound things for real so they are the right client for me.

Even being a big organisation I recognise in them a huge startup heart. That’s the reason I’m happy to continue partnering with them to be able to Build Tomorrow’s Bank Today.

Thanks for keeping your trust on me. Better Together. #BT3


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