Workshops & Trainings

Management 3.0

Our next workshops will be facilitated by our resident coach & trainer Marc Florit.

Management 3.0

In addition we have different options and formats designed to fit your specific needs and to be delivered on-demand.

Facilitation via Lego Serious Play

Exploring your reality and your future dreams is always easy if we add creativity and fun. We use Lego Serious Play to facilitate for you and your organisation a broad range of sessions to achieve specific outcomes.

The sessions vary from visualisation of Organisational constrains and challenges, to Design Thinking processes to create better product or services, Personal retrospectives, etc.

Lego Serious Play

Empowerment workshop

Designed to find the hidden ownership and empowerment in your team. We´ll run different activities and techniques to that will allow participants to navigate through their internal constrains and achieve a comfortable better level of participation.

* Some Management 3.0 tools are used in this workshop.


Psychological Safety workshop

Psychological safety

NVC. Non Violent Communication workshop

Non Violent Communication

GTD | Getting Things Done. Personal Productivity workshop

Personal Productivity

…and much more that we are preparing right now!

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in any of our workshop or if you want to design something specific for your organisation.